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I understand that using a wireless hotspot [like a hotel or coffee house] can always be a security concern and you wouldn't want to do business transactions in that situation. However, if you are using your own personal AT&T Wireless Internet Card at your home or some other area, wouldn't you be safe?

If anyone knows about this, I'll sure appreciate your time.


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these cards are using cell, you can secure all of them even hotspots, by using SSL and others like a VPN. but since the ATT is using a cell technology it is more like a modem and not a network. the network part comes after the carrier and is as unsecured as the rest of the Internet.

What is your business use? email should always use a SSL connection to send and receive, if you are not using that for your business then no matter what systems you connect its not secure, so a hot spot is no less secure than almost another connection. the problem with hotspots is that your computer may not be secured and you are exposed to people you do not know who could hack said computer, so in that case you should never use a hotspot for anything.

in this case the ATT us more secure.. but not by much

hotspots are safe for doing anything as long as your computer is secure and you are using secure connections. if your company i snot using secure connections then you are vulnerable everywhere, if your computer is not secure you should never ever use public networks

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Iccaros, thank you for your time. I don't really mean that I am a business using the computer for that purpose. I was referring more to websites that require a password, such as ordering something from, for instance, or possibly checking a bank balance.

I'm considering one of these cards for a relative and am just wondering what the security limitations might be.

They would be using a Vista laptop but would probably only have an anti-virus and the built in firewall.

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Using a AT&T cell card is fine because the cell signal is encrypted.

Using a Wifi hotspot could be insecure even with a secure connection because of a man in the middle attack or if you have a easy password or have sharing enabled. Of course highly unlikely but you never know.

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