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In mid January I made a dumb mistake of getting caught up in the Windows 7(beta) frenzie and downloaded into a zip file. After looking at all the files I found a setup.exe file and without thinking I turned Windows 7(beta) into my only OS. So I did my personal review of 7 for about 2 weeks and then did a full Recovery back to Vista Home Premium and everything is back and running great!

So I said to myself, self....why not get an external hd and download Windows 7 onto it and play with it until August 1st? I then jumped into my car and raced to Circuit City and got a steal of buy on an external USB hd by Western Digital. Of course I couldn't download Win 7 onto a external USB hd as everyone knows that except me.

Now I have this 500GB hd for backing up my computer and saving pictures and documents on. So, finally, here is my question to anyone who will answer, what else can I use this huge external hd for and isn't there a way to use it to review windows 7 like a slave drive? Yes I know I am dangerous, but forums like yours have brought me from ground zero to where I am today as far as computers go.

Thank you for any and all assistance.....

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hi jd

ive just bought an external hdd case

my compt has only one facility for a hdd

and this was the only i could dual boot windows and ubuntu 8.10

it can run on a usb plug

or a sata connection

my Q how does a sata connection operate

ime new to it in this format

and is usb more convienient than sata

and a better option


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Ubuntu? SATA? You're speaking in a language that's foreign to me!

Unless someone happens across your question here you would be better off creating a new topic, probably under PC Support. The title of this thread might not catch the eye of people who know what you're talking about.

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SATA - A specification for consumer hard drive connections that boosts the data transfer rate up to 150MB/second. In addition, it changes IDE/ATA from a parallel interface requiring 40 separate wires to connect components to a serial interface requiring only 6 wires. 2x and 4x versions of Serial ATA double and quadruple the speed of Serial ATA


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