I Have A Knoppix Question

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I can't get Knoppix bootable. Followed several how-to's online made coasters. Is today Monday in the twilight zone?

Break it down for me please. Having a string of bad days.

I just want to try knoppix out. Now it's a mission.


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In Knoppix folder I have a knoppix ~type is file. Using Alcohol 120% The file I downloaded was picked up by winrar. Changed the association alcohol picked up the ISO. I could then mount it in a virtual drive. I get the index_en.html file, want to do now? Where do I go?

I think Alcohol will burn the ISO with no problems.


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?? you mean all you see is a html file when you view the disk... ??? try getting a dsl cd or another live linux cd and see if they boot. your system may not like linux boot partitions.. ..by the way ona new knoppix cd alls you should see in winders is a HTML file. but check how much disk space is used.. aroung 650 megs.. or more?? I have seen a lot of people say.."i'll try linux on an old machine.. but not all oldmachines can do ELToro boot partitions..

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