How Is Pystar Allowed To Do This?

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Hello check this out Pystar. Did Apple give them the rights to there OS to another Company? I didn't this OSX can even run on a windows base PC. I wonder if they run better or worse on a pc.

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They're not allowed to do it that's why there's a big legal battle going on over this.

They run about the same, in some benchmarks the non-apples are a little slower probably driver issues.

Google Hackintosch.

If you want to keep up with all the Apple news subscribe to Mac OS Ken podcast or listen from his site.

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its a sticky situation..

I believe The EULA says you can not run Mac OS X on other hardware.. but Fair Use Laws says you bought it and as long as you are not using illegal copies you can do what you want..

so Apple fires back that you do not buy the software but a license to run the software on a Mac.

In This case I am pulling for Paystar.. but I believe in freedom.

I like Apple, and I understand their point.. they don't want to provide support for other platforms. But its a publisity nightmare as someone will buy a paystar computer and have issues, they will call apple and complain.. Apple will say so what, we don't support that configuration.. then the person will call the local newspaper who will post a story on how crappy apple support is..

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I can see that Pystar is going to cause a lot of grief with apple, and possibly hurt Apples support. I don't think I would even consider buy there so called machines cause it not 100% apple.

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