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Well, a quick googling brought up a couple different ways...and these are just copy & pastes 'cause I'm lazy :)

Step 1: Open the PPT or PPS file inside Microsoft Powerpoint and choose File -> Save As.

Step 2: From the "Save As type" drop down, choose the Web Page format (*.htm, *.html). Type a file name and click save.

Step 3. Open the file folder where you saved the Presentation as HTML and there you'll see another subfolder with the same name that should contain all files embedded in the .pps.

If it's a .wav (as it should be), you could use something like this (cnet | or some other sound editing program that has the capability to save as .wma


Program: PowerpointImageExtractor

Author: Alain Lecomte

Ware: (Freeware)

PowerpointImageExtractor is a freeware to extract pictures and wave files embedded in the MS PowerPoint presentations and slideshows (.PPT and .PPS files).

The pictures and sound files found are saved in a separate folder. PowerpointImageExtractor runs under Windows 95-98-XP-NT-Vista Download PowerpointImageExtractor V1.2 (960 Kb)

Again, you'd need to convert it to .wma

Hope this helps

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