Forty-seven Degrees Below Zero, Fahrenheit

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Well they had a good ice storm last night. It really did not start till after 6PM and was essentially over by 2AM; but it got cold enough (around 20) that everything did freeze and it was very icy this morning. To many fools who do not understand what "Stay off the roads if you do not have to go out, and if you do leave extra distance and travel slower than normal" means.

While they sanded most of the big overpasses, and ramps ; side streets and the area under overpasses had ice and a lot of overpasses where the sun shone on one area and then the runoff ran into shade and refroze became slick .

It was well above freezing by noon (now in the forties) and for the most part safe to travel.

Thankfully; in Texas the cold weather rarely lasts long.

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