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How to do this program by using for_loop ?

How many marks to be entered ? 4

Enter marks : 62

Enter marks : 91

Enter marks : 95

Enter marks : 41

The highest marks is 95.

The lowest marks is 41.

The number of students with grade A is 2.

This is the sample dialog gotta display when the program is been debug.

Grade A is to be awarded to students with marks above 90.

Hope anyone here can do me a favour on this program.

I have been trying hard to solve it.

Pls kindly teach a newbie.

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do your home work.. bring us your answers and when your stuck we can help.. but this is basic.. so basic the only people who ask are ones who want someone to do their homework for them..

here is a hint

for (int x = 0; x <=y)


ask for input..


search for loops on google...

tell me what this does..

for (; ; )


// ...


try it in your code today.. :)

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Firstly you just start loop and ask from user to enter the number, as user enter the loop will be run at that period of time, In the loop you just take input the numbers. in another loop you compare all the number for greatest number and lowest number.

Any problem then specify...


HND Assignment Help

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