How To Dual Boot Slackware And Freebsd

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I'm currently running a dual boot with Slackware 12.2 and FreeBSD 7.0.

To set-up a dual boot with Slackware and FreeBSD:

1. Install Slackware first and leave a partition of un-allocated space for FreeBSD.

2. Install FreeBSD onto the free partition. Do not install the FreeBSD boot loader as lilo will boot-up FreeBSD.

3. Boot into Slackware and edit /etc/lilo.conf.

Here is my lilo.conf, adjust as needed.

# Linux bootable partition config begins
image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = /dev/hda2
label = Linux
# Linux bootable partition config ends
# FreeBSD
other = /dev/hda3
table = /dev/hda
label = FreeBSD

4. Run /sbin/lilo to update lilo.conf.

5. Now when you boot-up your computer you will have the option to select Slackware or FreeBSD as your OS.

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