I Got An Iphone

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I finally got one (16GB model / black)! Picked it up yesterday afternoon. I've been messing with it non-stop it's so awesome! I've got a lot of applications installed so far, if you have any to recommend feel free.

I'll probably have a video up with it in a few days.



There's a few pictures of it. I also ordered a new case (silver one) - the one in the pictures came with it for free but it's a bit too clunky.


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Very nice, Jeff:) Up here in Canada we get hosed with data plans. What does it cost down in NY for a good data plan with AT &T? :)

Well, here is my plan:

$60 for minutes (900 minutes / unlimited night and weekends + unlimited mobile to mobile)

$30 for unlimited data (mandatory for the iPhone)

$20 for text (unlimited text messages)




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