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HP Pavilion XE783

WXP home SP3

FF 3.0.5

Hi Everyone.

Just got back from spending Christmas with the grandchildren. They gave me a Gear Head mp2000wu wireless mouse for Christmas.

This computer only has two usb ports. I use one for the printer and I have a 4-port usb hub hooked up to the other. Never had any problem using two or more ports at the same time on the hub.

Last night I hooked up the wireless mouse and it worked fine. Nothing else is on the hub. I shut down normally and this morning when I booted up it went to the first screen that says:



and would do nothing else. No beeps or anything. Removed wireless drive and rebooted and still just the same screen. Waited several minutes and shut down.

Removed 4-port hub and installed old mouse with cable and rebooted.

After about two minutes it started to boot and now the computer is working fine.

Is there something I need to set to get the wireless mouse to not lock up the computer on boot up?


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Well, I'm going to venture a guess here but check in the BIOS setup that you have USB mouse ENABLED

There may well be other things to check, but I'm not sure of those....there are a lot of experts here

on the board that maybe can offer other options, too.

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Hi tman70,

Did you get any anything on disk to install for mouse. Try the website to see if any updates available for drivers.

Take care,


Thanks novi,

This mouse only cost about $10 or $15. There was no cd with it. The web site says no driver is available. Guess it just uses a generic driver.

Guess this computer doesn't like a usb drive left plugged in the computer.

Thanks for the advice.

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