'finally Fast' Busted

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For those of you who haven't seen this on the blog yet, Jeff called the software company 'Finally Fast' to inquire about their software. I can't believe what happened on the phone!

If you have a Digg account, help spread the word: http://digg.com/software/Finally_Fast_BUSTED_on_YouTube

Also, here's the original article: http://www.besttechie.net/2008/12/21/final...ast-phone-call/

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Yeah, it was pretty crazy. If we could save at least one person from buying it that would make me happy. :)


Absolutely classic:-) Totally busted. What a bunch of morons.

To paraphrase you Jeff:

So you're selling this product and you have no idea what it does

I'm glad you uploaded this to youtube, man:-) Hopefully this prevents another computer user from being ripped off! :thumbsup:

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