5 Ways To Secure Your Blackberry

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5 ways to secure your BlackBerry

December 17, 2008 (CSO)

" It seems we can't go a day lately without a new story about some security screw-up involving a lost or misplaced BlackBerry. This week, officials with John McCain's campaign mistakenly sold a BlackBerry to a Fox television reporter for $20 in a fire sale. The device contained confidential campaign information. And many Hollywood gossip publications were abuzz earlier this month with news that Tom Cruise had lost his BlackBerry while promoting a movie in Toronto. (Mixed reports now peg the device as either "found," or "never lost in the first place.")

In light of all of the slip-ups making headlines, it's no wonder that White House officials want President-elect Barack Obama to relinquish his BlackBerry before taking office. At this time of heightened concern about the security of mobile devices, CSO asked Dan Hoffman, author, mobile security expert and CTO at SMobile Systems, for his advice on ways to keep your BlackBerry safe.

Read here on the ways to secure your blackberry: http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...p;intsrc=kc_top

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