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Database Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

File: /home/content/f/r/a/francesonline/html/forum/Sources/Security.php

Line: 279

The above is a msg that I keep getting at one of my websites / forums of which I am a member. Constantly getting msg. Extremely slow loading of forum / pages/ threads (when I do finally get in). My pc is clean and fast. This is the only site giving me problems. Admin says there is nothing wrong on the server end. (even though others have encountered problems too). I am positive that it is not my pc or internet (have done speed tests...avg or above depending on test used).

What can it be and what does this mean?


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That is definitely a server end issue. The admin of that site must be in denial. ;)

It appears this site is hosted on a shared hosting solution (I may be wrong, but) and chances are the server itself is being overloaded by the hosting company - e.g. it has too many sites on the box. Unfortunately that is not uncommon with shared hosting plans.


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Credit to karlbenson

Mysql Gone Away / Lost connection to server during query

If you are receiving an error that Mysql has "gone away" or lost connection to the server during query it is probably because either the server has timed out or the server closed the connection part way through loading the page.

In order to resolve the problem you may need to increase these two values in mysql.ini or my.cnf (different Operating Systems use different files) , and restart mysql.

wait_timeout = 28800

connect_timeout = 28800

(Figures used are the default values in seconds = 8hours).

This error is usually occurs on cheap shared servers where the above values have been changed from default and set far too low. (In an attempt to keep database server very responsive, but to the expense of basic usability).

If you don't have access to change these settings (most likely if you are on Shared Hosting), then you'll need to ask your host to do.

However some hosts may refuse to increase the values. In that case the only solution therefore would be to find a better host.

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