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I loved that game as a kid. I remember the prommisory notes, but I don't remember how they worked. Probably the biggest word I knew as a kid.

Nope, I memorized: pnuemonaltramicroscopicsilicovilcanocaniosis. Not the spelling though ... Just read somewhere that was the largest word (at the time) so I thought I'd memorize it to lord it over any of my peers who thought supercalifragilistiexpialodocios was the largest word (aside from the fact that it's NOT a word at all).

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Well, the market just gained nearly 1000 today. So much for the crash...

This is to be expected with just three weeks to go before the election. Have you noticed the lowering of gas prices also? (happens before every major election)

Eat it up while you can. It's all a temporary illusion.

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