Unable To Open 2 Of 3 .psd Files

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I've been working on fliers for the anime club at my college on the GIMP and I made 3. I saved them all as .psd. I also flattened them and exported them as .jpg. Well I was thinkin I may need to edit them (change a little bit of info on them and redo the background on one) so I tried to reopen the .psd of the 3rd one I made. Well the GIMP gave me this error:


So I tried to open the second one (which I had made the same night and had not closed the GIMP in between making the two) and got the same error. I tried to open the very first one I had made a coupla nights before and it opened without a hitch. So I went to school today and in Graphic Arts I tried to open the 2 that didn't work at home and they wouldn't open on it either. I tried the first, lo and behold it works. So what's the deal here? Does anyone know? Do you suppose there was just an error when I was saving the 2 second ones? Man I hope I can open them cause they were kind of a pain to make. They were a coupla hours of work for me.... and I don't remember the names of the fonts I used either :P

Thank you for any help.

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