Redhat 8.0 Vs Redhat Fedora Core

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Ok, I'm taking a Linux class this semester, so I'll be asking a lot of questions about it for the next 3 months, if not more. :)

My first question, I would like answers not only based on opinions, but on facts as well. (Also some links to support them if possible, to increase my understanding and knowledge of Linux)

In my class, we are using RedHat Fedora Core. Last semester, the class had used RedHat 8.0 (I have friends who took it then.) What I'm wondering is how much of a difference is there between them, and which one is better over-all? (If RedHat 9.0 is better than both, I'd like information for that as well.)

Thanks for your time!


<edit> I should probably also mention that the only experience I have with Linux was that I installed Mandrake 9.x (9.1?) on a secondary HD in my computer at one time, but ended up having to take it out cause the bootloader got screwed up shortly after. During the time that I DID have it still in my computer, I played around a little bit with trying to learn a few of the programs and how to burn CD's with it.

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Both Red Hat 8 and 9 are solid Linux distros. Recently Red Hat stopped supporting that line of Red Hat products. In other words Red Hat is no longer providing security updates for 8 and 9.

Fedora Core 2 the newest version of Red Hat is an open source product that is more up to date than Red Hat 8 or 9. Fedora would be a better choice to use. Fedora does have steeper hardware requirements than Red Hat 8 or 9. Here's a link to Fedora's hardware requirements.

Fedora Core 2 Hardware Requirements

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to add to what hitest said.. Red hat 8 in the linux world is old. its samba client did not work well with windows and it uses a old version of GNOME and KDE. both have imporove a lot since Red Hat 8. we now have a whole new kernel branch and a new soud system to linux ALSA compaired to the old OSS of red hat 8.. does that mean Red Hat 8 is

you can up date red hat 8 (argubaly you are makiong it fedora by doing so) see

he Fedora Legacy Project is a community-supported open source project. It is not a supported project of Red Hat, Inc. although Red Hat, Inc. does provide some support services for it.

The goal of The Fedora Legacy Project is to work with the Linux community to provide security and critical bug fix errata packages for select End of Life Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core distributions. This will allow for a longer effective life for those releases.

To learn more please refer to the About page and the FAQs

as for which is better it depends on what you are doing.. using firewall builder to configure a Cisco Pix firewall or a Sidewinder firewall.. its compiles great on the older packages in red hat 7 and 8. looking to run doom 3 in linux with better have fedora (in this case core 1 works better than core 2)

to get a better ideal of the diffrence red hat 8 is to fedora liek windows 2000 is to windows XP. they can basicly do the same things just one has newer toys.

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Thank you so much! What great information and knowledge you both have. (Either that, or good researching skills...;) )

My class is using Fedora Core 1.

I am planning on installing Linux onto a secondary HD on my computer (which already has WinXP Pro on the main drive). I saw sonething one time about Fedora Core 2 and Win XP not getting along well together, with hazardous endings to both OS's. Have either of you heard of this, or maybe something else I should be aware of when installing Linux onto my secondary HD?

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yes the problem is with anaconnda (teh Red Hat installer) and *some* motherboards. anaconda was not rewritten fro the 2.6 kernel so on some older drivers it gives a wrong block placement for partition effetivly over writing part of the partition. this is fixed easly if you supect your motherbaord may have this problem or you don't what to risk windows ( I say wipe windows but your not me) ..

use a knoppix disk. use qtparted to make your linux partitions and then install fedora. tell it to keep exsisting partitions insted of auto-partiting. if you have ever used partition magic you'll like qtparted.. it will also resize windows and linux partitions.

as for research or knowlage.. I can do both.. in this case its easay I have been red hat certified for a few years now.. so I kind of keep up.. if its red hat , Gentoo or solaris I should have some answers.. I hope it helps..

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