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My S.O. has some vision problems and has just started a new job after "retiring" from the bank. The new job, another bank, was supposed to be easy going, low key, "just something to get her through the next few years with regard to healthcare coverage etc." That idea lasted for about a week.

Now she's working 16 hours a day and had to work this weekend too. :rolleyes:

She a senior VP who works on multimillion dollar loans that are heading toward default. (which of course in THIS ecomomy is common).

They gave her a measly 15 inch monitor. When she comes home she can barely see after staring at spreadsheets all day.

So I found her this 22 inch Hannspree LCD monitor today at Fry's. $199 out the door, no rebates needed. Pretty amazing when you consider what LCDs cost just 5 years ago. I set it up and it looks great.

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That's a good deal.

Does the picture look good?

I'm looking for a 22' monitor myself

Yes the picture looks quite good. It's not photo quality, but depending on what you need it for, it's a nice monitor.

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