Happy Birthday, Tymekyller.

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Howdy, Happy BirthDay Tymekyller, you have many more friend, hope all is well in Canada !

About time for a new pic of those kids, so we can see how much they have grown !!!


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Howdy Everyone!!!

Thank you all so much for the nice words.

I sure do miss all my old friends, I have not had anytime at all to get online. I have been working 2 jobs so time hasn't been on my side lately...

When I came on here and seen this thread for me, it put a huge smile on my face!

Thanks Sultan!! :):P

Thank you all, it is great to see everyone still around!!!

Take Care


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I'm late but Happy B-Day Tyme....

Keep on Rockin' my Friend... :D

You think your late ? Huh ! Hey, Keith, long time no see. Anyhow talk about late, I'm ah dollar short and over a month late. Hi, Steve. Happy very late birthday to ya. Hope all is well.

Hello, Sultan and everyone else. Hope everyone has and or enjoying this 4th of July. :thumbsup:

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