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So..I'm making a Partition just for most of my data files.

Like my music, and movies, and Programs, etc... NO OS will be installed on this partition.

So...which file system should I choose when making this partition?



ReiserFS? Don't know much about it...but heard the guy that found it is in jail. Ouch...

Right now, I'm dual booting with vista 32bit & vista 64bit (don't ask....just blame it on drivers).

I plan to use Linux in the future and I want too access my music and videos from the partition on the linux OS?

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Fat 32 has a file size limit of 4gig so if you plan to achive video (a DVD is ove 4gig) go with NTFS. NTFS also offers better security

ReiserFS if a linux file system windows would not see it but many Linux flavors can read and write ntfs and definitely FAT32.


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