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Hi, gang

I really want to get this exercise kit but unfortunately its not available here in Canada,

the nice thing about it is the clip where you can add more tubes on to it to make it have

more tension where as with others your stuck with picking the highest tension tube and thats it.

Can someone please direct me someplace where I can get one of these?

Tried as well as other department store here with nothing...

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Those are some mighty expensive rubber bands. I guess regular "resistance bands" wouldnt work? If your looking for these specific ones, Amazon has them:

They ship to Canadia dont they?

I was going to say I use bungee cords like that to tie things down to my truck. Why waste money on this imaginary exercise system which will just gather dust (I bought the OL one of those ones with springs , as well as a treadmill, air resistance bike.... and they all gather dust).

I get far more use out of the inclined exercise bench I built out of an old aluminum 1/2 of an extension ladder and 2x10 with a couple hooks at the end and a foot strap.

Secure ladder to any wall inside or out. Hook the 2x10 over the rung you want to get the angle you want, climb up and sit down and stap in your feet and lean back and do your crunches. or turn over and do some real pushups.

Put on a couple of cinderblocks and do some squats

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