Snow( What Are Your Weather Conditions.

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I GOTTA get the kids to take a pic of my area. 6ft snowbanks on the side of the driveway. Yesterday when I shovelled (again!) I had to carry the s*** to a shorter bank because I'm not tall enough to toss it anymore.

We "only" got just over 100 inches so far, but we haven't had any thaws to get rid of the crap. :angry2: The one day it did thaw, we were treated to another foot the next day.

At least the SUN was out today and it was over 32degrees!!


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They are predicting snow here in Dallas, but it has yet to materialize and probably won't stick or last.

They have several inches about forty miles northwest of here though and at DFW airport over 200 canceled flights and some flights have been sitting on the runway for 2.5 hours waiting for their turn in the de icing queue before taking off.

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