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comiclifeicon.jpg I am a self- proclaimed aesthetics nut! My meticulous attitude on the way things look often drive people insane around me. Some would call it a gift, and others may beg to differ. In any case, I have been screwing around with a simple little graphics app called comic life. I have a macbook. The software came on it preinstalled( I think it came on tiger), but from my knowledge it is no longer bundle. Now, do not let the name mislead you. While it is great for making a " comic" it is great to use for puting thought bubbles and fun text into pictures. I actually created custom graphics for my website( pnewb) using this software. I advise you to check it out. I will put some examples of graphics I have created.


This is my primary logo for the site.


This is a header I created for 3 of the pages on my site.


This is a funny parody on "The origin of the species"


This is an award graphic I created at my site. One of the writers at the site received it for having the page of the month. Notice the cool "star wars" like text angle.

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