Xp Vista Wireless Network Trouble

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I have searched google for a solution, but I haven't found anything that has worked for me yet. I have a XP desktop machine and a Vista laptop, they are both connected to the internet via a Linxys wireless router. When I first added the Vista machine to my network both computers could see each other and could share files. To my knowledge nothing changed but a few days later neither computer could see the other. I have all the file sharing settings turned on. I have renamed the workgroup so it is the same on both computers. I downloaded the LLTD on the XP computer. I turned the firewall off on both computers. I even tried to add another computer to the network using a thumb drive to transfer all the settings. So far neither computer can access tghe others files. Any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Not sure if it matters But I am running Trend anti virus on both computers.


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Seeing as the computers could see eachother for a while, maybe rebooting everything will do the trick as I found out that has worked for me--

Now, wait for the experts to make sure I have the order right...I *think* I do but I'm not 100% sure.

1. Turn off computers

2. Unplug router

3. Unplug modem if you have one

Wait at least one minute....have a cup of coffee

4. plug modem back in and wait for the light to quit flashing about

5. plug router back in and also wait for the lights to settle down

6. turn computer/computers back on

And see if they all behave with eachother


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