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Hey guys i really need to brush up on osx and i gave away my G3 (i know its sad) so if anyone has anything better than a g3 i would love to buy it from u.

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I have a PowerbookG4 1.67ghz 15 inch screen 160 gb H/D 1g memory, OS: TIGER

come with Microsoft office pkg for 'MAC. $750. if interested call: 301-6137449


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Hello, i have a macbook pro here is the desciption!!

We have a gorgeous system here with a

2.6 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor


256 MB of Video RAM

200 GB @ 7200 RPM

This is the fastest macbook pro ever built!!!, It is worth every cent, i bought the computer alone for $3600, but I have to let it go, it comes with everything in its original box, and includes warranty until 2011 with the applecare, which normally costs $350, and I'll even include the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse, and The Apple Wireless Keyboard.

It comes with great software like CS3 Master Collection, MS Word 2008 for Mac, iWork 08', Screenflow, Apple Remote Desktop, Aperture 2.1.1, and Shake 4.1!!!

It comes installed with OS 10.5.4 Leopard, and iLife 08' and even iMovie 06' if you would like to you it.

Everything together has a value of over $5,000, but I have to sell it unfortunately, it was the best purchase i had ever made in my life, and it is in MINT CONDITION!!

I bought it Januaray 2nd, 2008.

Please Email Me ASAP at [email protected] or leave me a message at (805)-708-0590

Thank You For Looking!!!

here is the link with pictures!:

Price $3000 This is a beast!! thanks!!

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