Kernel 2.6.8 Adn Cd Burning

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Linux has decided that reading a file while writing it is a secuerity risk. it is a risk and I am glad they are thinking of secuerity to exploites that have not been used yet. but this does break cd burning. for most aplications you must now be root to burn cd's with kernel 2.6.8 . fixes a NFS problem iwth the secuerity updates. a new growisofs and cdrcord utilities should be out soon to fix this.. if you burn lots of cds stay away from the 2.6.8 kernel until the new cdrecord and growisofs is out.

also there is a memory leak in the new kernel that breaks audio cd (sometimes). the 2.6.9 release canadate fixes the memory leak.

from the k3b site

Do not use Kernel 2.6.8

A patch that was introduced into the kernel shortly before the 2.6.8 release makes K3b and also the dvd+rw-tools unusable on Linux (unless run as root but that is not recommended). The very important GET CONFIGURATION MMC command is rejected by the kernel for reasons I cannot see and writing commands like MODE SELECT also fail (K3b cannot detect CD writers without it) even when the device is opened O_RDWR. Until this issue has been solved I strongly recommend to stick to kernel version 2.6.7.

Update: The kernel guys are currently fixing the problem so the next kernel release should work again. :)

Update 2: The problem is NOT fixed in

Update 3: Be aware that kernel 2.6.8 also contains the memory leak which makes it impossible to write audio cds, even as root.

to see from some patches see the leoville page

from linus ..

To quote Linus from a few minutes ago on the linux-kernel list with regard to k3b and growisofs:

"Yes. I suspect that these projects have at least looked at each other, so it's probably a problem that has its basis in cdrecord or some "original" program.

"And yes, opening for reading used to work. After all, you didn't need a "write()" system call, and the ioctl functions didn't use to check. It's a potential security problem, and one that 2.6.8 fixed, and I don't think we're willing to go back to the old setup.

"And trust me - I absolutely _hate_ breaking user-level programs. I'd love to unbreak it from the kernel, but in this case I don't see any alternatives, really."

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