Windows Service Pack 2 - Displaying Compiled Html Help File

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the chipset driver was very easy to install, then I found a setup file in Drivers/WIN/Ethernet/APPS/SETUP/SETUPBD/W98-WS32/SETUPBD and I ran it, as soon as I double click it I got the window of "installing network drivers" but then the window disappear and nothing else showed up, so I'm not quite sure if it installed or not, in the device manager list under "Other devices" everything is in yellow question marks, these are the things that show up in yellow:

Multimedia Audio Controller

PCI Modem

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller

Unknown Device

Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

by the way I'm also receiving the messages from windows update but since I can't get online I can't download them just yet

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I may have given you bad advice. If I remember correctly, I installed the ethernet drivers manually. If you goto the device manager, then try to manually update the driver. When the wizard starts choose "install from a specific location", then point to this directory. C:\Drivers\WIN\Ethernet\PRO100\WS03XP32.

The above advice is assuming you are using 10/100mb intel pro Ethernet.

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After making my last post I decided to turn off the laptop and get something to eat, in spite that I couldn't connect to the web, the ethernet cable was still plugged in my laptop and my router, so I proceeded to turn off windows and I receive the typical message that you get when you haven't installed the updates from windowsupdate and you are about to turn off your computer "choose turn off now and your updates will be installed automatically" I thought it wouldn't matter since I still couldn't connect to the web so I chose that option and I saw the messages anouncing that the updates were in fact installing, after the computer was off I unplugged the ethernet cable and left to get something to eat. I came back about 35 minutes later and after checking shanenin post I decided to try that option, to my surprise when I turned on the computer I see the small icon on the system tray with the message "network cable unplugged", I plugged the ethernet cable and now I can surf the web

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By the way, does anyone know how to adjust the settings for the screen? the laptop screen doesn't display the whole screen, only part of it, the way you would minimize a window partly but not completely and then place it exactly on the center. I tried control panel -> appearance and themes -> display -> settings but to no avail, somehow the whole screen isn't been used only part of it on the center.

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