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Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that my site is temporarily down. They were moving it to a new server when there was a hard drive failure. Lost my entire site and database. Unfortunately, I didn't know it was going to be moved, so I didn't get a backup made of my site before the move.

I don't know how long my site will be offline. They are working on it so I can put the pages back. Anyone who was a member at my forums, will need to apply again once it's up.

I will let you know when we are back online.

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That totally sucks, Ed! :(

Hope the site is back soon! If you need anything feel free to send me an email. B)


I would gladly do that except that, because my site is down, so is my email. I can't send or receive atm :(

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I tried sending you a few emails but they are getting hotmail postmaster returned.

I was saying thanks for keeping me informed, at least you got that MySQL update ;)

I'm not mad, as you hoped I wasn't, as I only had a few pages up and there still on my computer, I feel more badly for you actually.

Glad your back up :)

Many thanks,


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Yes we are back, and the forums are back on line also. If you were registered at the original forums please follow the link to the forums and re-register. Sarah I know you registered after I got the site back up, that registration is only for the Joomla portal page area for when I have registered members only areas. To register at the forums please click on the forums link and register there.


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Hey Ed,

I can't seem to log-in. I keep getting this error:

8: Undefined property: stdClass::$login

File: /home/iabusin/public_html/components/com_smf/smf.php

Line: 739Database Error: Table 'iabusin_FBS.smf_sessions' doesn't exist

File: /home/iabusin/public_html/forums/Sources/Load.php

Line: 2005


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