Multiple Monitors On Linux (ubuntu 7.10)

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Hey, I found out how to get multiple monitors working on linux and thought I might share it with everyone.

1. Open a console and type gksudo nvidia-settings

2. Go to X Server Display Configuration.

3. Enable the second monitor by clicking Configure and selecting TwinView.

4. Click Apply to test your settings (windows may be maximised across both monitors, dont worry, all will be fixed when X is restarted).

5. Once you are happy click Save to X configuration file and click save again.

6. Log out, press CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE to restart X and log back in.

7. With any luck you should have 2 monitors working.

Be aware that I have only tested this on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon and it may not necesarrily work on other versions of ubuntu or linux. You do this at your own risk and if your graphics card decides to go bang or something like that then I accept no responsibility for any damage caused, not that following this advice would cause much damage.


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