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Mine said I would make it to 79.

But if I quit smoking, drinking, eating what I eat, get off my butt, do something besides sitting on my butt. (LOL) That I could live to be a decrepit old fart. But I look at it this way. The way I was as a kid... I never thought I would see my 21st birthday.

Everday since then each day has been a gift... or a bad joke played on me by fate.... LOL -_-

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I'd be satisfied with 75.

Calculated: 90

Could live to: 97

If I cut back on;

Coffee +0.25 I need my mug of coffee in the morning

Sweets +1 No way do I give up a daily Reeses Peanut Butter cup

Red Meat +1 I am man, I eat red meat.

Work hours +1 I wish I could reduce my work load.

Personal improvements;

Get married +0.5 hahaha Is a half a year really worth it. Not!

Go back to school +0.5 Maybe

Be optimistic about aging +0.25 I am. I'm still alive.

blah, blah, blah

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Mine is 87. My diet could be a tad better...

They would not tell me. I kept getting restarted.

Actually that's probably better, no? :rolleyes:

Oh wait. It finally worked:

If I eat red to 89 ( that's ok.... I don't)

If I drink to 79 ( huh? that's all...)

If I am sedentary and don't exercise more..... live to 69 ( I'm digging out the broken treadmill now.....)

If I'm ever dumb enough to to 29


I ad libbed some of that. :D

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