Windows Vista Ultimate Giveaway!

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Hey Jeff. I love your site, and your live stream. Your stream stands out above the rest I think. My reasoning is that you really add some personality to it, not like many other tech guys on ustream. I am not subscribed to your youtube page. I love this site, it helps me make decisions on different parts for my new computers. I'm building one right now so if I would win this that would be wonderful because right now I'm 123 dollars over budget!

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I replied earlier but for some reason i can't find it. Anyways jeff, i really like your youtube videos and its great in live chat. I first found out about you through Chris Pirillo and I'm glad I did. Can't wait for today at 4EST should be very fun. Best of luck to everyone, can't wait!


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Hey, thanks, ive seen your show a few times, and it has inspired me. i am only 14 but im on my laptop everyday. I too own quite a succesfull forum/website, and have to admit copeid a few of your ideas :blush: .

I know the vid said just a couple of sentences but i have to leave what you deserve.

A copy of vista ULTIMATE would sure help me out with work.

Hope i win :thumbsup: .

Bradzo3000 :ph34r:

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Hi, Jeff

I find your videos very interesting and useful, and one time i even popped in your live stream in the middle of one of your videos and asked you if you could take over and you didn't answer :P then i realized you were recording. i like your Google Shirt video, it was hilarious!!!



P.S. Wooo!! Giveaway!

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Hey Jeff. Long time no see! Couldnt remember my original name so made a new one. Nice to be back here on Promise you, it will be better this time ;-) Anyway, cool to see you doing a giveaway as well. Take care Jeff!!!

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Hey Jeff,

It would be really awesome to win Windows Vista Ultimate becasue I'v been waiting a really long time to get a computer and I finnaly got my first computer on christmas. It isn't the best thing ever but it would be nice to have windows vista ultimate running on it to make my life a whole bunch easyier. thanks

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