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hey jeff

i think that your website and your youtube videos are very good and offer lots of help to people that dont really know that much about computers and to people that do but still need help with something and i think that your website is one of the best help kind of ones on the web when i need help i come to your websire or go into the chat and ask anyone that is in there and they are al very nice and helpful.

hope that was not to lond if it was then sorry just telling the truth

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I absolutely love these sites. Didn't even know they existed! (Yours and Chris Pirillo's) Always fun to either just hang out or really learn something about, well, anything with computing. I'm pretty good with windows programming but just got a mac and started off quasi fresh (I've had a bit of Linux experience). For the little help I've needed, spending time in these channels is well worth it.


Rich Gilberto

New York, NY

P.S. Happy New Year!

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hey jeff im a subscriber, I love your Utube videos they are useful helpful and I give complements to your site well made looks cool :thumbsup: and he reason I want to win the draw is becuase im sick of using linux,xp for 5 years and I want to partake in your draw

from James or my utube (doonbugie)

mabye better then chris

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Yo Jeff! Today I've discovered your site and Youtube channel through Pirillo's site. It looks great and you cover some great and useful items.

Because I'm getting my new PC in a few months, I would be very glad to get that brand new Vista Ultimate release! ^^

So please, please, please let me win! :rolleyes:

Thanks! MacBreQ.

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Hey Jeff,

Just learned about your site today from Chris' bot. I signed up for your youtube and have spent most of the afternoon browsing your site. Although I am fairly well versed in most computer areas, I am finding some good information on your LINUX forums. I find that I learn something almost every day from one place or another so your site is just one more good souce that I can pull from.

I am currently building a CNC routing machine and I am going to use Dapper Drake 6.06 and EMC2 with the REALTIME KERNAL for the control computer.

I would appreciate an opportunity to win the Vista Ultimate. I will catch you on your ustream at

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I found about two weeks ago and have been watching besttechie's stream off and on during that time. Besttechie is the best tech show on Ustream in my opinion. I haven't been watching his stream long enough to really learn anything but his website/forum is another story. His site/forum offers a repository for his and others thoughts and tips and this to me is more valuable then any other form of information.

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Jeff I looked at some of you videos and came across the the basic maintenance for pc's. Alot of people I know don't do that stuff and all the time they complain about how their computers a messing up so I tell them to do that stuff that you had explained, and when they get done they tell me that their computer is running great. I have watched you channel a few times when chris hasn't been around. I have a few programs you should check out I'll even post the links to them. They are safe to use.

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Hey Jeff Your Website has been very helpful to be and i've been using it like everyday. I get all my computer problems solved from here. I really Enjoy the website. I've learned alot from you and everyone in the chat room. :thumbsup: I've also submitted to your youtube

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haha vista...hmmm. Now if it was would be very enticing. lol But I guess i'll give it a shot. Ive never been to your site before Jeff, but after a quick look around, you got a couple cool things floating around. Very informative.

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