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Am I ever going to get back the constant, stable 99FPS I had with Counter Strike 1.6 When I was with Windows XP?

Currently, I use Vista, and it's annoying to have basically 10 to 50 FPS (playing in Window mode), and overall shakey performance.

And this is with nothing else running. Hell trying to play CS 1.6 with Winamp gives me around 15 fps.

Serioulsy, what in the world is going?

I expected a peroformance loss, but damn, this is too much of a loss.

I been using Vista ever since it came out. I reformatted/reinstalled multiple times..but still, the same problem exists.

So, I need to know, what is the advantages that I am getting by using Vista?

Here's my system specs.

AMD 3000+

AsROck 939 Dual-Sata Motherboard

nVidia GeForce 7600GT

2GB PC3200 RAM

2x 80GB IDE HD's

Sound Blaster 24bit Sound Card.

PS: Please do not be a troll, and just tell me that "Vista Sucks", "Get linux", etc...

All I ask wehther if nVidia will release a driver that will be able to handle CS 1.6 on my GeForce 7600GT and if there is any real advantages in using Vista.

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the service pack may help, but you probably will never get the the same performance until games are written specifically for vista.

the 64bit version should be faster, but the games are still 32bit so it does not matter, as you get a slowdown translating 32bit to 64 bit, instead of the run side by side of other kernels.

I know of no advantages to running Vista, right now, It has a more secure under-structure, but in our security labs for the DOD we have shown that they can easily be defeated because of attitude of a majority of windows users, and software that is installed that requires full access to kernel space, when it should not.. example is the installation program when you ok it to run , runs at full privileges, a great hack is to have the install program install more than its standard package. sp1 should I hope fix this..

once games are written for the 64bit version and you have the hardware and the 64bit version of vista, I do not see it getting better for you.

I use both, and it is night and day, but then the 64bit version allows more than 3 gigs of ram, note SP1 will allow access to the full 4gigs of ram that 32bit and address with out virtual space (we can have a discussion at other time the difference in the *nix kernels at 32 bit and the windows latter)

for now all my Microsoft Neighbors do not run Vista to play games, as not everything is in place. this should change in one of three ways in the next few years..

one, people have no real choice when it comes to OS that they run, they buy a computer and its there. the biggest majority of computers sold come with Vista now, so game builders will start to target Vista as its market share grows

two Hardware is getting faster, on my dual quadcore work dev system, vista is fast, as long as you are not coping files from a flash drive.

three, MS is coming out with the next new OS in the next few years, and by rumor ... cough.. cough.. I know people working on it.. cough they are looking at running on a much smaller footprint, see minwin...

I hope this helps, I may be Linux Admin for the site, but I do use windows all the time (I do live 15 miles from Redmond) and as for the gforce card, it has no issues running on my dual quad system... :)


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Have you tried looking to see if there are new drivers for your card?

I think with Vista. The new trend is to...... Push people to get cards with DirectX10 capabilities. There are some really good games for Vista.... But they mostly are looking for the DX10 capability when they are trying to run. And right now those cards are not to cheap.

I would check for and install the latest drivers you can find and then maybe tweak the settings to try to get the best performances you can get.

Vista's new architect pushes more of the graphic workload onto the graphic card, thus taking most of the workload away from the main processor.

In XP, the processor still takes allot of the graphic requirements and does the processing for it. Thus the graphic card isn't working as hard as it does with Vista. (That's why it seems most graphic card don't seen to run as good under Vista. They don't know how to do all the work).

And also as more workload is pushed off on the "Graphic Card", so is more RAM pushed off to the Card. Freeing up onboard RAM. This also puts more of a strain on older cards with smaller caches and not being used to being part of the powerhouse in the system.

But if you do ever decide to get a newer card. Be sure to get one with a large cache for the reason stated.

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