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The way I set it up. Like the one on my main pages.

You have two files you need for flash. One is your "SWF File" (the actual graphics), and one is the "Text File" (telling it how to act).

This is the way my control text file looks like to get it to go to BTs when you click on it. The second line points it to the URL.


This is how my whole text file looks.

&label600=Dots&constructor=[type Function]&__proto__=[object Object]&globalsound=[object Object]&freeze=halt


&loop=0&loaded=1&effect=600&colorbackground=0x2700FD&colortext=0xFFFFFF&line1=Have A Question?&line2=Need Help?

&line3=Then Visit&line4= BestTechie Forums&line5=BestTechies&x1=5&x2=5&x3=5&x4=5&x5=5&y1=150&y2=150&y3=150&y4=150&y5=150&


You would have to add the line of code to your text file

Damn!!!! I can't get it to "Word Wrap" so it's goofing with the whole page......

OOOPs. Reread your post. You have to click on mine as a link. Now I'm not sure how to get it to automatically switch to a new page... I'll have to play with it.

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I presume you are making this in flash yourself.

in your intro page, add a blank key frame to the end of one of your layerss, usually I use the background layer, then using action script you do the following


then save and publish it, you will find that it loads the page you want it to.

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