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I've had a bad one.

I tried to clean off a friends computer, and have had a bad crash. I have done some maintenance, cleaned the Registry (Reg Supreme, regular clean only), ran the machine through the MS registry cleaner, and did chk dsk...

I know I rebooted after all that, because a reboot was neccessary to change the size of the font and icons. The last thing I did was to download a batch of MS updates...

That was a few days ago, and the computer had been unplugged. There was a spark when I plugged it in tonite, at the ac surge protector, and I don't know if that has anything to do with all this...

When I press the "on" button, Windows won't load. I can press F8 and get the options listed for safe mode, etc, but the dashes that stream across the bottom only go about a third the wasy across, and stop.

I tried a Barts bootable cd, and finally a Windows restore cd, but it is just a dark blank screen...

The cd turns, but that's all. It's a toshiba laptop with XP Home sp2.

Can anyone help me with suggestions???



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I did find this but don't know what to do with it:

"The most common cause of this in a previously working machine is that the CMOS memory, which keeps your hardware and BIOS configuration settings, has lost its contents. That can happen due to anything from a power spike to errant software"

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i have a feeling it was caused through the registry cleaning

unless you know what your doing in there regcleaning is a nono

unless you back it up first

some where on the board notes

an article by chappy on reg cleaning



i used to use jv16

but like you i had the same problems

stuffed compt

you will probably have to reinstall windows


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"Are you booting the computer with the recovery cd already in?"

I tried turning the computer on with the recovery cd in, and also after it was on.

Neither brought up a screen.

"Is your computer set to boot from the cdrom before the hardrive?"

This I don't know.

Thanks for taking time to answer.

I took it in to the tech, and there were just not enough files left to start Windows.

The computer came with a small surge protector in the ac cord, and the surge light was red.

I did several things at once, so it's hard to tell what happened...We had to reinstall Windows but saved documents to another drive first.

Thanks again

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