Gmail Now Has Imap

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Why is this better than setting up Thunderbird/Gmail with POP?

Good question:-) POP is okay, but, it is a bit old. With IMAP you can synchronize all of your e-mail clients, phones with your gmail IMAP server( or ISP if they support IMAP). For example, when you check your mail with your IMAP TBird client you will see exactly what is in your gmail inbox and vice versa. If you delete an e-mail from your TBird inbox it is also deleted from gmail, along with your inbox in your phone.

IMAP is much better if you have multiple devices, e-mail clients. I wasn't that sold on IMAP until I gave it a totally me on this. Once you're using IMAP you'll see that it works very well, indeed. :matrix:

Log-in to gmail and check-out the IMAP set-up instructions. Doesn't it make sense to have everything synchronized? I hate it when you download an e-mail using POP and it is on one machine. With IMAP you have access to your messages on all clients, devices.

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How do I reset the security certification on this? When I switched my Thunderbird to imap it always asked me If I wanted to continue since the certificate I had was signed to the pop server.

This is probably an obvious, but stupid question. Did you use the set-up instructions available when you log-in to your gmail account? IMAP must be enabled first through your gmail web account then you set-up your desk-top e-mail client after.

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yeah I can use it, but when every time I try to sync my my thunderbird inbox it asks me to verify the security certificate because im connecting to but the cert is signed for I just need to reset that certificate but i I dont know how

That's weird. I was using my TBird client to download my gmail using and switched over to didn't encounter that problem. Maybe you have some left over network settings from or maybe your ISP's settings are in there too? (are you using your ISP for sending mail or gmail's smtp server?) Just guessing.....not sure on this one.

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gmail's smpt server. I changed the settings the same way I made em so I really have no idea why its doing this.

I think I figured it out. The certificate problem is coming from your old gmail incoming pop server settings. I encountered the same thing you did when trying to set-up my other thunderbird client on my other slackware box. I went into server settings and even though my incoming server was correctly identified as in the fields within I could see above that tbird thought I as talking about pop settings ( "as in server type"). I fixed this by removing my account and starting over and making sure that when I selected server it said imap. I can now check, send mail using my imap settings without have the security certificate popping up every time warning me that these are settings from my pop account, blah, blah, blah.

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