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I was wondering how often (if ever) you need to update your BIOS.

Should you expect to pay for this update, and if so, how much?

These are probably "noobie" type questions but I was just wondering.


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BIOS Updates are free. I've never actually updated any of mine cause I bought them all with the latest BIOS. If there are any major problems that a BIOS update fixes, then is when you need to update otherwise, I wouldn't mess with it.

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You can easily turn your computer into a doorstop with a bad flash. If your computer has no issues, why bother? Some motherboards have a removable BIOS chip. I had one I sent out. Cost 20 bucks


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Yeah, I completely agree with the previous posts. I've flashed a BIOS before and it went fine. But, there is the real potential to ruin your computer if things go terribly wrong, like you have a power failure during the process. I'd leave well enough alone unless your computer is malfunctioning and you absolutely need the upgrade.

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