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Those are pretty good. I've only made a few myself like the one I have now. Most I have made for me but they are all about my car. I'd like to have more custom anime sigs since most are just ones I jack from AnimeSuki (avatars too, like the one I have now :P )

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cool! very interesting work! How long have you been working as a graphic designer? how many years of experience? I also want to retrain, but I don’t decide. I looked through several job search services, even ordered a resume at, but so far it has not been used. do you think it's worth trying? Now I work as an ordinary  worker, but already tired

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On 4/28/2019 at 4:23 AM, shokoman said:

excellent work!  You certainly have a talent . This is a really big difference! This is a large volume of work, still do not understand why some do not consider it art. Perhaps you or someone the other, could tell me, where I can  find information about work in photoshop or other editors for beginners? What free Photoshop alternative   would you recommend? GIMP? Or is there something simpler for a beginner?

Do you know this site I came across his ads several times and now I wonder if the professionals use it or are it just advertising, for the sake of advertising? Just weird.

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