So My Laptop Runs Kinda Hot

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Today my laptop overheated and shutdown at school. I left it running in the bag, in my hot car, while I went and got gas in between classes. I was still in my car, opened the lappy up, 20 seconds later it shut off. It would turn on but for a short bit, not enough to boot windows. After getting inside and letting it cool down, it would far enough to get me a BSOD. I let it do the repair diagnosis deal and even though it said was not able to auto repair, it was fine when i restarted it.

Well, I had it sittin on chest cause I was laid back in the recliner and it overheated again and shut off. I decided to restart it and download and run Speed Fan. Well speed fan was tellin me the processor was well over 72 (peak was 78) celcius. As was lettin the fan spin and cool it off it went down to 61-63.

OK it's running hot. What should I do? This is worse than my old Athlon XP 3000 desktop that would crap out at 62. Are these normal laptop temps or should I think about opening her up and applying Arctic Silver 5 (void warranty?) or try calling HP? BTW it's an Intel Celeron M 440 in a Compaq Presario C500 (C551MR) with a 1GB RAM Upgrade (1.5GB total).

Thank you for any help!!!

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nope, bought when it was about 3 months old from an online friend a coupla months ago. He said he only used it for maybe an hour at the most and just let it sit. he bought it new from best Buy (he's an employee). I bought my old one off eBay.

I don't know if I wanna open it up since I actually have a warranty on this one (previous owner never registered it).

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Warranty? Did you say warranty?!?! You NEVER ran it in your hot car, remember??? ;) ;)

Now, id make use of that warranty... Can you take it to Best Buy or do you have to send it off?


Of course, when Shanenin comes in there may be a simple fix... Who knows?

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:lol: That's what I was tellin my mom early. I think I'll call HP (It's warrantied through HP not Best Buy) and not mention the whole running enclosed in a bag in a hot car.

Still this heat is ridiculous for even the thermal paste going bad. My twin 7600GT's that sit side by side in my main rig don't get this hot under load. I'm wonderin if it's a bad sensor or possibly a virus making it heat up. I'm runnin AVG now and the temp is fluctuating between 75-91. I'm also thinkin about downloading updated drivers for it too. I really wished I woulda looked for an AMD laptop. They seem to have a better heat management. My old one would slow the processor down to half speed from 1.6GHz to 800MHz (Sempron 2800) when not under load. This one seems to run full blast 24/7.

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I'm kinda starting to suspect a faulty sensor now cause I opened the memory cover and touched the the part of the heat sink exposed that was directly on top of the processor, while running might i add. It was reading 62 Clesius at that time. I remember when my old computer (desktop) wa reading those kinds of temps the heatsink was untouchable. Ummm, this was luke warm at best.

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hmmm, well, it started to idle around 55 now, but under load while updating AVG it stayed around in the 70's but would occasionally go into the 80's. It maxed at 84 but it's idling lower now so that's good. But still if I run Spybot it goes into he 90's.

I'm startin to think this is normal now cause someone on AnimeSuki told me their old HP laptop would constantly run 80-95 (under load I think) and he said it ran for year until the Hard Drive broke. I may have just let it get too hot and never let it properly cool all the way down.

PS, sitting on an A/C vent it idles at 42 :thumbsup:

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Sultan you look different...

Dont tell me, did you do something with your hair?

Not the picture I had in my head, but I do say it looks much better.


Oh do the dust

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diggin up my old thread.

I finally fixed the overheating. It overheated and shutdown earlier while I was testing a game (Step Mania) and so I was finally fed up. Didn't bother restarting it. I just ripped it apart, found the processor, pulled the heatsink, cleaned them (ArtiClean), layer of Arctic Silver5 and we are good to go. The old stuff was just globbed on there poorly and was lacking where the processor die and heatsink touched. I shoulda taken a pic of it. It's actually running cooler now under load than when it was idling before the Arctic Silver 5.


Earlier today

Idle - 62-65

Under load (HD .mkv's, Step Mania, SB S&D, TennSpeed portal java powered snow flakes, etc) 92-96 and sometimes up.

After new thermal paste

Idle 42-46

Under Load - 52-56

It's so nice that the fan isn't spinning constantly and that it doesn't get louder than my car under load (ok a little exaggeration, but still this booger was LOUD). In fact the fan shuts off completely quite often now. This is so great. I now no longer want to throw this thing out the window.

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