Angels & Airwaves!

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Let me just start off this post saying that Tom DeLonge is my hero and favorite musician to ever walk this earth. He's done so much from his days in blink-182 to the present with his new band Angels & Airwaves!

A little background history.... blink-182 is on an "indefinite hiatus" and all three members have formed new bands. Tom started Angels & Airwaves and Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker started their own band called +44. Both bands are extremely different, by the way. I highly recommend you check out both after you read this post if you have not already done so by now.

Anyway, AVA aka Angels & Airwaves is going to be releasing their 2nd full length album on November 6th (it got pushed back from Oct 23rd). The new album is called I-Empire. Their first album was called "We Don't Need To Whisper" which was just phenomenal and just brilliant. The way Tom describes the first album is a "rebirth" and the new album I-Empire is "What you do after rebirth".

From what I've heard for the new album so far - 2 full songs and parts of another, I am completely blown away. The music, lyrics, melody, rhythms, riffs, just everything is so beautiful and amazingly written. The same can be said about the first album as well. If you've never listened to them I highly recommend you give them a shot - just listen. Perhaps go back to your audiophile days and do some critical listening just the way Tom has said he thinks the first album should be listened to; in the dark with only a little light perhaps a candle or small lamp and just close your eyes and feel the music. It's truly amazing if you give it a chance. I loved it right from the beginning, and I have seen them in concert back in May 2006 when their first album was released.

SO! GO CHECK OUT THEIR SITE! - watch the video and listen for the magic in that little preview of the song, it blows me away and I haven't even heard the whole thing not to mention the video is also brilliantly done and compliments the music very well, oh! and! after the video on the main page there's some more music which I believe will be on the album as well. Then go listen to the first album "We Don't Need To Whisper" and experience! Of course, then we have to wait for I-Empire... Mark your calenders Nov. 6th!

Let me know what you think!


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Hi Jeff,

Ive got Angels and Airwaves, and to be honest don't care for it. The whole album sounds the same to me. The songs always start off good, but as soon as he starts singing... the song fades into similarity. Might just be because I dont care for his voice.

Hopefully the second album will be better, but I just downloaded their new single... and... sounds just like their previous work.


I know what the problem is!

It needs a fiddle or two, and then take our the lyrics :D

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Hey Bubba,

Their new single "Everything's Magic" seems to be very different from the stuff I've been hearing elsewhere on the album. I mean, just listen to the stuff on their site it seems a bit different in terms of music. I don't know, to be honest, I haven't heard the album in full at all, but I'm sure that I will be very pleased with it as of what I'm hearing right now!


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I like both new groups and hope they both have lots of success. It's fun for me to hear the guys separated, and not only because both Tom's and Mark's voices are so distinctive. I certainly hope they get back together at some point in the future. It'll be exciting to hear what new stuff they could bring back to blink-182.

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I certainly hope they get back together at some point in the future. It'll be exciting to hear what new stuff they could bring back to blink-182.

I'd love to see that happen as well, whether it be just a reunion tour or to create new music which I believe would be phenomenal with their new experiences and maturity.


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TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Garth Brooks new CD also comes out tomorrow :blush:

Is AVA's new album going to be in stores?

YES! I was officially the first person to buy it at my Best Buy. I got there with my brothers and they were still all on the rack. We grabbed 4 copies and went to pay, I'm in bliss now!

One copy for me, one copy for Andrew, one copy for Jason, and one for my dad!

I also preordered one from Amazon, but it won't be here for a few days... :(

The preordered one is going to Mandy!

5 I-Empire CD's... I think that may be a record :D

The person who rang up the CD's gave me a very strange look :lol:

By the way, different places have different Bonus Tracks. Best Buy has some, I think Target has some too... I'm sure they will all be floating around soon enough. :whistling:


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