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Hi guys!

So I just bought my wife a new pc. Now I'm faced with the problem on how to transfer all her data from her old pc to the new one. Ideally I would like to install her old hard drive into the new pc, make it the master, install windows on it and then just move her data to the other hard drive. Is this possible? If so, how is it done? And then on a subject of partition, how is this done? I know the diskmgmt.msc command to get to your partitions, but from there I am clueless.

All help is much apprheciated.

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I'm assuming this is a pre-built PC with the OS already installed? Safest way to partition with data on the drive would be with a program like Partition Magic. Easiest way to transfer data would be to make sure the new drive jumper is master/with slave and the old drive is slave. You can explore the old drive and transfer what you want, then FDISK it and use it as a second drive. By the way if there are a lot of crap programs that came pre-installed and you don't want them there is


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