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Y'know, I honestly don't know why folks got upset with Apple in the first place where they should have been kicking themselves.....New tech gadget comes out, some time later, the prices drop. Supply and Demand-manufacturers know the newest cool gadget is going to sell faster than they can make it unless it has a hefty price. Happens with Game Systems, computers, cell phones, you name it (remember how expensive the Razor Phone was when it first arrived? ) Shoot, I remember the Cabbage Patch Doll Wars!

Anyone with half a brain should know that if you buy something when it first hits the market, you pay the price for "bragging rights". Think of the folks who spent thousands on Ebay for these phones. Well spent money for bragging rights if it's that important, I guess. Me? Wired phone on the kitchen wall!!

It was a smooth maneuver for Steve Jobs to do what he did....I don't think I would have! :rolleyes:


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I feel the same way. Technology gets cheaper and/or better every few months. But a $200 cut is almost unheard of when a product is still in the limelight. And you know people will use that $100 to help pay for that new Nano.

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