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I would like to get my business to come up more often with web searches. I did a google search for the following

computer repair rochester mn

take notice of the very top link labeled "Local business results for computer repair near Rochester, MN" , does that seem like a sponsored link? If you follow that link, all of them have google map listings, how do you think they got there?

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Ouch :blink: I wonder why?

Because they get roughly 60,000+ links added to their system a day. Then they send out the bots to check the site if there is one, and they verify info in local yellow pages indexes. this takes time, then someone has to approve the information to be listed. The bots can't do that on their own.

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It should.

I'm now a SEO Expert, but has a higher PR than your site, so therefore it will only benefit your site.

Also, MAKE sure that the keywords you want people to search and find you are in your Site somewhere.

Preferably on the main page.

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yup, thats my wife. I think the pictures in the site need to be changed. She needs to have a finished haircut picture. Somebody else did the site, I am going to hack it(with her permission) and add this picture, and shift things around a bit.


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