How Do I Get A Folder To Rename As The Current Date....

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Howdy, newb to the forums here...

I got a stumper for ya...

How could I get a batch file to copy a list of files into a new folder, and rename that new folder to the current date?

I need this batch file to operate correctly on actual DOS6.22, Win95/98DOS, 2k/XP_DOS.

And that is what has killed me... I can get it to work only on standard DOS6.22 (I got a cheater book on 6.22 for 25cents last week!).

If I have to resort to some VB stuff, could you please very plainly spell it all out? I have VB.NET... but dunno if it can write an app for Win95/98 (I can live with my existing DOS6.22 version of code for that instance) with it.

Oh yeah, I also got VB6 kicking around somewhere... unopened, and never used... should I pursue using VB6 instead?? How? never used it... broke my teeth on lol

Thanks for any and all help!!


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