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I decided to have a professional help me with my logo design. It is well worth spending the money, since this logo will be used on my new sign, business cards, web site and my two "yellow pages" ads. Those ads alone are costing me $12,000/year. They have been a good investment, they currently break even and bring me a little extra every month. They need to be more effective. If this new logo could give them a more professional look, they may bring in an extra 10% in sales. That would be huge.

My designer has sent a few basic designs to have me choose from. I told him I wanted the sun incorporated with the name. The sun is meant to portray optimism. I would like some honest feedback on which ones you guys like better. Also, any particular changes or ideas to a design that may enhance it: font, color, size anything you can think of. I need to get back with him and try and narrow down what direction(or design) I like the best. From their it can be tweaked.

I am not real crazy about the bottom one, mainly because the sun does not really look much like a sun.


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I'm with you, not real partial to the bottom one.

I REALLY like the contrasting letter size of the 1st.

I also think I like the 'sun' of the 1st one the best.

If you could have the 1st sun with the bits (0' and 1's) of the 2nd sun I think you would have a real winner with it.

Let us know your final decision.

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I actually like the third one the best, but it obvious I'm a minority. The first one does pop when you first look at it, good first impression. The only thing like about the second one is the binary in the sun.

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Myself... I like the second one the best.

Tho.... If you took the sun in the second ad, and the wording in the third. That would be the way I would consider as a better way to go.

So are we helping, or just making things more confusing..... :blink:

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a little more consensus would have been nice, but you guys have giving me some good thoughts.

I guess in the final analysis you know your clientèle better than we do, shanenin:-) You are going to have make the final call on the best logo.........(****number one******) :matrix:

I wish you the best of luck in this venture, shanenin:-)

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I may know my clientèle better, but have know idea which design would be more effective in causing more people to call.

Good point, man:-) What does your graphic designer think? I suck at web design:-)

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i read where americans

like to use images for logos

like naked woman

comic strips


to me this is an interesting area

goog luck

one day i maybe able to say

i used to post on a message board with that famous

biz person



i like this little hint

HITEST is right, only you can make the right **cough**number two**cough** decision.

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Another one in the minority: That swirling Sun denotes ACTION! Dynamism! ... Something happening. The others are more static, though I also like the binary "message" half-hidden in the second Sun and the color-fade: it shows something going on (but not ACTION!, like the swirls convey ... ;)).

I do like the way the Sun bursts forth from the "B" in the first one.

I do not like the darkness of the reverse color in the second, white-on-black lettering makes your eyes work unnecessarily (maybe a subliminal message: This is hard!), nor the black background, white border, then another border, in black again (more work for my tired ol' eyes). And the rays are too fine and numerous (looks, I dunno ... hairy?).

Going with what you like, the first, all I'd change is make the entire phrase "Bright-eyed" in bold rather than just the first letter. I think it would make it more dynamic (which I apparently like).

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I told my designer to go with choice 2. He is going to make some different choices for me to pick from.

In retrospect, I could have probably done what he has done, and saved the money.

Yeah, I was kinda thinking that to...

Although, retrospect designing is always muhc easier :blush:

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