Ms Works Save/open Failure

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Hi there

I'm not able to save my MS Works docs with the Task Launcher normally, or open them normally either.

Whether I try to save or open a new doc with Works, it prompts that it can't, as the file may be deleted or moved. Up to four prompts appear, even though I only try to save or open once.

All my older MS Works docs open/save normally.

Despite the prompts, the documents are saved (to "my documents"), although after a series of prompts that it can't be OPENED.

Instead of using the MS Works task launcher, I have to go to "my docs" to open them.

In the past when this happened, I would go to "my docs" open the file, use it , close it, and after that it would again open normally through the task launcher. Now the problem remains.

It's MS Works 7, Windows, with XP home.

I've used the reinstall feature to try a start fresh, to no avail.

Can anyone help me correct this?



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