Switching Over To Vista Soon, Need Help With Backups

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Hey all,

Im currently in the process of backing up data so I can do a clean install of Vista.

But I was wondering how I could back up my music play lists so they could work under Vista?

I have backed up all of my music files to dvds, but Im just having trouble with the play lists. I use Media Monkey and I am able to export my playlists to .m3u.

Now I have a dual boot with Vista, (for testing purposes) so when I try to play a .m3u playlist under Vista, windows media player tells me it cannot find the flies, even though I run the playlist in the same folder where my music files are located in.

I know it might sound all confusing, but any help?

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Found the explanation below @ this site. Hope it give you some insight.

* I moved an M3U to another place on my computer and now it won't play.

A lot of times the paths to the MP3 files in an M3U are "relative", that means they look for the MP3 files in relation to where the M3U file lives. Example:

If I had an M3U in the following location on my hard drive:


...and it contained path to an MP3 like:


... my MP3 playing program is really looking for that file in:


... so if I move the M3U file to:


... all of the sudden my MP3 program will be looking for the MP3 file in:


... which probably doesn't exist and so it won't play.

This is not always the reason a file won't play, but if the file is there and all of the sudden the M3u won't play it it is likely the reason.

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