Laptop, Vista And Dual Monitors

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As it turns out, I need to buy a laptop by monday for a new job... which leaves me little choice but to get vista. I was also told that I need to have dual monitors.

So, since I've never done this before...

1. What do I need to look for in a laptop in order to use dual monitors (assuming laptop monitor primary and other monitor secondary). Does it require a certain video card? Is there a specific brand/model that has everything I need built in?

2. How do I set up dual monitors in Vista? (If possible, please explain it like I'm a child.... *very simple* directions :D )

Thanks so much!

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I am not familiar with vista, but i am going to assume it works somewhat like xp. If I am wrong then somebody please correct me.

Most modern laptops (in fact i think you would have to look very hard to find one that doesn't)have the ability to hook up to an external monitor or projector. All you have to do is plug in your second monitor to the port in the back and then press the Fn key (usually next to the ctrl key) and the F8 key. The second key should be labled with crt/lcd. This toggles the display between your laptop monitor, the external monitor, and both at the same time.

Usually without extra software the second monitor will just be a perfect image of the first, but with a tool like ultramon you can turn the second monitor into an extended desktop. Your company should provide you with the appropriate software to do this though. If not at least ask for a recommendation from them.

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