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They kind of just give them to you. Depending on how many you give away (I think) or how often you use the mail...I haven't figured out how they determine it, but at this point, as soon as I give away the 6 I have, the next day I have another 6 to give out. It will just tell you in the main page of your mail.

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ok, I must be naive, what is the big deal about the Gmail accounts anyway, isn't just another email account, which I have 3 of an only really use two of them anymore. if you can't give me an answer that would be clearly defined then send me a pm and i will take one off of your hands.

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I never got one. I didn't find it much appealing either. I think what most people found appealing was the 2GB limit and ability to email massive files. I think there's also an email search option or something.

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WHAAAAAT! I'm the only one with a 1gig email file.

Yeah it's mostly gimmicky, being over kill on email space and that it's open exclusive (meaning that you have to get one from someone and there are plenty to go around and plenty of people to give them).

Ohh and BTW I now have 4 gmails and 24 to give away so what's the new total?

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