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ho team

my grandson rang and said his firewall [windows]

had been disabled or it is blocked

is this a hi-jack malware

or a hacker operation

how do i find a tool to clean it if any

ime not up with this

as it dosent happen to me

but many of you can help

ive searched the board for any reference to this problem

but i cannot find any



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thanks for the reply

yes as i said it hasent happened to me

so ime lost

my grand son knows i post on these

boards so he asked if i could help

something i found since i sent in my first post

is they play online games

is this a virus risk

or a hi-jack risk

ime in the dark here


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I agree with TT on this. We need more info.

Does he use a third party firewall? They will sometime disable the windows firewall automatically. Running two firewalls at the same time can cause problems.

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he uses windows firewall only

there isnt any message

the fire wall isnt operating

and has let stuff through

with out seeing the compt ime in the dark

one of the reasons i posted

many of you

have not liked windows firewall

ive used it ever since it came into being

i found

it is good as any

but that is a personal opinion

other wise i would have had trouble like my grand son

the other reason i couldnt afford the commercial versions at the time

i got him to install hi-jack this

and send me the log file

so i can ask you, if you would mind reading it.

is on line gaming danderous?


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Does he run and use virus protection,spyware/mailware programs?

It could be a corrupt file in Windows preventing the firewall from running, If he has the windows XP install CD, he could do a "Repare install" to replace or fix missing or corrupt files.

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Howdy Marty, ChrisRLG over at MRW forum, and Tom Coytoe, said his son uses party poker that its a legit site, also i use it to play for fun. It does not install any spys or trackers into your computer. Most of the other poker site do, or they are classified as unsafe by some of the sites we use to check for cleaning HJT logs !!

Regarding the windows fire wall: I use it also but some of the experts say it only blocks certain ports, so he may want to check his ports. Heres some info on the ports it uses:

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hi flash

havent heard from you for some time

it is good to make contact

with old friends

yes i suspected it may have been online games

that is the only place he

uses on the net

funny thing he isnt a regular

user of the compt

as he is a professional cook and works very long hrs

so now ime sure it is those shoddy game sites

i think he said they are games share sites

my grand son is such an honest oerson

he dosent think there are people in the world like that

so hopefully this will

teach him not every one is like himself

tho he has made this mistake ime proud of him for his


he is 21

and sponsers two children ime not sure where the place

i think it is africa

so ime keen to help him

i hope you guys dont mind me rambling on

take care flash4

and post more often


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hi all since i posted the firewall problem for my grandson

he has fixed the problem

and sent me the fix

which ime posting. here it seems windows firewall is ok from incomming data

but out going is the problem

when you play games download illegal music


and the perpertrators

use the uploading to disable the fire wall

how ever read this link and see for your self

for me it is utter gibberish

but many of you will understand

and maybe use this tip for your selves


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