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At first I thought it was an actual image search engine, like google images. But then I tried one and found out what it did.

I guess it is neat in its own way. Kind of like thinking up obscene variants on Harry Potter titles like

Harry Potter and The Prisoners of Ass Cabin.

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That's pretty clever, Marty! Most of the phrases I put in were pretty fuzzy but this one turned out really nice. Off to try New Zealand now :thumbsup:



hi liz this town is called the whale watch capital of the south pacific

the name kaikoura [crayfish food]

wher i was born

and brought up

my family and others started the whale watch industry

and it is now a billion dollar industry

so you can guess im anti japanese

who kill these animals

ok i admit it is their traditional food

but they wont make any compromise

and they wan to kill all in the sea

whn you and your family come to nz

i will show you around the whale watch industry

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